Keven’s life is amazing. A veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who served in the Special Forces, this athlete delivers a message of resilience. Whether in Afghanistan or on his expeditions, Keven has come close to death several times and has been forced to learn how to deal with stress in extreme conditions.

In telling stories of his life, his message to his audience raises the importance of getting out of his comfort zone on a daily basis and doing things that make us proud. Stress is ubiquitous in our lives, we must learn to work with it. Thus, Keven shows us how getting out of our comfort zone allows us to better manage our stress.

Having the motivation to accomplish a feat is good, but having a way of life whose primary motivation is to constantly seek to get out of your comfort zone every day, is amazing!

Imagine your staff or students coming out of this motivating meeting and wanting to get out of their comfort zone and, by the same token, becoming more resilient and able to better manage stress in their lives. This will certainly have a considerable impact in your environment and will allow your company/institution to grow to a higher level.



Keven Martel successfully completed “Becoming an expert presenter/conferencer”, a program offered by Le Centre en Formation en Communication du Québec.

Keven adapts his conference to your schedule. In general, conferences last between 60 and 90 minutes.